Monday Funday! :) 4/22/13

my weekend wasnt the best in a health standpoint so i feel better if I can just clean it up a little and start fresh again. I woke up and went to my classes and after they ended at 12 I grabbed some pineapple and a diet Mountain Dew for a caffeine kick. I wasn’t too hungry but I know I needed to eat. now I’m just lounging around at work reading my new self magazine! Reading this magazine really makes me wanna go for a run and get fit. I cannot wait until after work so I can go for a nice run. My honors professor decided to make my thesis paper and my 3 page paper on the ghetto liquidation during the holocaust be due within the same time period, so I’m startig to stress a little. I really would like to take up yoga and learn to meditate. I feel as though I’d be so much of a better person if I did that. I’m trying to cleanse myself today, so I’m doing my best to stay away from refined foods today. My early dinner was at four, and I had a romaine/spinach salad topped with veggie soup (potatoes, Lima beans, tomatoes, green beans) and a side of garlic broccoli. I’m planning on hitting the gym after I get a good start on this paper my professor expects to be done by Thursday…

Which i totally finished and felt extremely accomplished! bet you all can’t guess what this is….pinepple! went for a 1.5 mile run and now I’m packing to go to Bryan’s house. that’ll be another 1.5 mile walk over to his place, so I’m getting my exercise in. monday nights are endless bowling nights, and bryan is so much better than me, Im scoring the 60s and he’s over in the 100s. so not fair. I think we’re gonna skip that tonight though. I finished one of my papers so I feel really proud of myself, enough to splurge in some icecream! I treated myself to slow churned chocolate Icecream! me and Bryan were way too tired to go bowling so we decided on ice cream and cartoons for a nice relaxing night. 

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