Motivated morning and afternoon! 4/23/13

ImageWell good afternoon, emphasis on the ‘good’. I awoke and quickly got dressed to catch the bus to work this morning. All I wanted to do was lay in bed with Bryan and fall back asleep but the alarm was telling me otherwise. Bryan sent me a nice message telling me he would get me some breakfast, so he arrived around 10:30 with some pineapple and strawberries for me! How sweet :)

I’ve had back to back classes until 3pm, and after that I took a nutrition exam and managed to pass with a 97! With the motivation still in mind i hurried over the gym for a 1.5 mile run, hopefully blasting a few calories to enjoy some ice cream at the ice cream social held by Phi Eta Sigma tonight! The end of the semester is inching closer, which means back to Jersey until my lease my Bryan and I’s first apartment starts! It’s so exciting to finally be living on my own, officially. I’ve been searching everywhere for decorations and items for my first apartment. Pinterest has been my best friend the past month, Can’t wait to be able to take photos of home cooked meals and finally get this blog started. I apolgoize for the awful photos but I know things well get better! Right now I’m snacking on some carrots and readingAll But My Life by Gerda Klein for my honors class. It’s an interesting memoir about a girl surviving the Holocaust, similar to the memoir Night. I feel so accomplished, it’s only five o’clock and I have the whole night ahead of me to do absolutely anything! Love this feeling of accomplishment.Image


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