never too early for lunch! 4/24/13

2013-04-24 11.03.50

2013-04-24 11.03.55 2013-04-24 11.04.00My day has been off to a great start! my hair managed to go the way I wanted, my jeans fit nicely, and the rain hasn’t started yet! After my two classes today I headed into work and got some pineapple and a salad to hold me over until 4 o’clock after work. Bryan heads home to New Jersey tonight so I won’t be seeing him until Friday šŸ˜¦ drive safely Bryan!

Today’s goals include finishing The holocaust novel I started the other day along with typing up some play critiques for a professor. I’m hoping to get a lot of workĀ done plus stay at the gym a while. after reading so many inspirational health articles, it really motivatesĀ me to get up and be healthy!



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