Good morning? 4/25/13

ImageWell good morning, I’m just snacking on a few pineapple pieces before my chemistry lab at 8. I’m not really sure how ‘good’ of a morning today is though, but I guess I shouldn’t be so pessamistic. Last night I took a nap around 4:30 and managed to fall asleep while reading a book until 5:45! Sadly, the book made the hugest pressure mark in the middle of my forehead. 15 hour later and you can still see it 😦

I got to bed quite early, around 9:30pm last night. i guess I’ve just been in a funk lately. Tonight I’m not too sure If bryan will be home or not, so my plans include the gym, ushering for a fine arts event at my school theater, and working on this much dreaded thesis paper 😦 gahhh.

I did however get a nice text message last night while sleeping from my high school friend Christina, claiming how she misses me and wants me to know she cares about me. It’s a great feeling to finally wake up in the morning and have a little something to smile about and know someone out there cares.

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