goood morning, for real!

that’s my boyyyy 🙂

For some reason this morning just happened to click with me. Although last night it started to rain and i was feeling entirely energy depleted, I managed to workout and it brought all my energy back. I was productive and finish a little bit of my paper, and now it’s finally Friday 🙂

Bryan arrived back home around 10:30ish last night, and I decided to walk over in the rain (in moccasins, silly me) and stay over for the night. My moccasins got ruined, but luckily my tax money came back so that means shopping for me! After falling asleep around one o clock in the morning with bryan, I managed to wake up at my usual 7:30 alarm, get dressed without a hassle and be out the door by 8:20. My philosophy believes that if you can wake up and say that it will be a great day, no matter what happened last night or what time you went to bed at, or even how early you’re waking up, that today CAN and WILL be a good day. It’s all about optimism, and I’m finally getting back to my ole’ optimistic self. Yay me! 🙂

Today’s agenda is pretty short, and that makes me feel so much more excited because that’s how a friday should be. I’ll take a test on adolscent nutrition, then after last class of the day at noon, I’ll head over to work and hopefully it won’t be so busy, I’ll grab some dinner and head over to bryans. I’ve been slowly gathering all my clothes and belongings and slowlyyy moving them into bryan’s house for the summer. Why? Because the first of August starts us officially living together as a couple 🙂 🙂 no more ‘sleepovers’ or constant bringing my clothes/shower supplies to and from, or cleaning after his roommates in order to feel slightly sanitary when staying there…nope! It’s just me and bryan, and hopefully a cute shiba inu puppy soon!

future pet? i think yes!

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