Snack time! Went to the gym around 5:30,


Snack time! Went to the gym around 5:30, headed back and attempted to work on my thesis paper some more. I left to usher for “Temptation of the Muses” and now I’m back, I saw bits and pieces of the performance and it was actually really interesting. There’s three women playing a piano, violin and cello while there are dancers on stage and they move so eloquently, it was really interesting. Now i’m just impatiently waiting for Bryan’s arrival back from NJ! Miss him and it’s only been a day. This weekend is supposed to be fairly nice out, about 60-70 degrees so hopefully we’ll go out for a bike ride or play some hockey or something fun, something to distrat myself from my overly stressed brain. 3 weeks from now finals will be over and I’ll get to relax…..until summer classes start 😦 #overochieverproblems


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