Sipppin some smoothies!

2013-04-26 21.27.182013-04-26 21.25.00

Well good morning! last night was very successful with me and Bryan’s spontaneous smoothie making! After playing hockey and having Bryan teach me to shoot and pass (not as successful as I was hoping..) we visited this really inexpensive grocery store called Aldi’s and picked up a few ingredients for pineapple smoothies! This year is actually my first year ever eating pineapple and Im so addicted, thank god it’s a healthy addiction though. The recipe called for:


– 2 cups of pineapple
– 1.25 cups of ice
– 1.25 cups of water
– one smoothie packet
– 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt (optional, we wanted ours thicker. we also used light blueberry pomegranate instead!)

2013-04-26 21.23.41

2013-04-26 21.23.10

2013-04-26 21.24.13

we blended all the ingredients and voila! a delicious and amazing smoothie with lots of fruit, calcium, vitamin C and D, some protein and deliciousness! if you wanna boost protein intake you can always use Greek yogurt instead of a regular yogurt.

Right now I’m doing some chemistry and also writing a respond to how I felt about the book All My Life, which honestly wasn’t so bad. If you loved Night by Eli Wiesel, you would probably love this story. Bryan’s playing some hockey at the basketball court right down the street. I’m proud to say I woke up at 10am and went for a nicde run. It’s about 65 degrees out now and should reach about 70 later on today. When Bryan’s done we’re gonna head to the dining hall for lunch, can’t wait to get some food I’m getting a little hungry over here!

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