carb filled dinner last night..woo!

2013-04-27 16.38.27 i apologize on how lacking I am when it comes to my eating posts, but the weekends are a

2013-04-27 16.38.34

little harder for me! last night bryan and I wet to the dining hall and I had half of the pizza pictured and the entire serving of potatoes, I was so hungry for some potatoes it wasn’t even funny. We spent our night watching cartoon network.

today it’s raining, so we can’t go to the hoodlebug trail like we wanted too and go for our bike ride 😦 we are going to go the mall later and get my glasses fixed and maybe do a little shopping… 😉 Maybe bryan will get a haircut too, his hair is looking a bit shaggy, the mohawk isn’t even visible like it used to be. can’t wait to see what lunch will be like today! It’s raining pretty stead over here, so I’m too sure what food mood I’m in. What’s your favorite food when it’s raining and chilly out?

my mohawk boyy!





2 thoughts on “carb filled dinner last night..woo!

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