rain, lunch, gardens

ImageFinally got some lunch! Bryan decided to choose his cheese olive and dressing salad for lunch, and followed up with some eggs, sausage, and potatoes. I aimed for my ususal salad (the one with the black beans on it) and some grapes. ImageOur college is having the freshman orientation this weekend, so the dining hall was packed :/ I could barely find a seat for bryan and I to sit at! I love how the dining hall seems to have such more of a variety and better food during the orientations.





Bryan and his roommate phil are palying some hockey now while I procrastinate doing my thesis paper as usual. I really wish the rain would let up, I really wanted to bike ride the hoodlebug trail. Its a ten mile long running trail and i believe a 3.5 mile bike trail. Hopefully the rain lets up this week so bryan and I can bike on it.


ImageBryan’s also been growing a ‘garden’ lately, and by ‘garden’ i mean 5 pots filled with 2 different types of vegetables in each pot onm his window sill. Sadly the apartments don’t entirely allow gardening, so Bryan’s doing his best attempt to garden within the rules of the lease (also we’re a little nervous that the neighbors will pee or pour beer in our vegetables!) We started this about 4 weeks ago and planted: grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, jalapeno peppers, red bell peppers, cauliflower and i cant forget the last one! Hopefully we get some cauliflower growing in, love my cauliflower!

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