getting stuck in a dinner rut

2013-04-28 17.15.46



good morning! just updating you on my lazy Sunday night with Bryan. he played NHL on the Xbox while I worked on some homework, but thankfully the rain let up a little so we headed over to fosters for some dinners I got my usual salad and some sugar free vanilla pudding. luckily there were no more orientations going on at that time so we had the whole cafeteria to ourselves! I really want to change up my dinners instead of constantly making the same salad, but I’m lacking on some ideas! hopefully inspiration hits me soon. after that we went back to Bryan’s and looked for some good movies to watch. we ended up watching workaholics and regular show, our usual “go to” shows when were just being so lazy.



2013-04-28 17.15.51

I just feel so relieved now because my thesis part is done, all my writings for my honors class is done for the semester, I bought all my textbooks for my summer classes (just English and sociology) and I only have to do laundry one more time before I leave for the end of the semester! My honors professor has been getting on my nervfes with losing my homework and assignments and not being extremely harsh on my work, but only 2.5 more weeks to go. I didn’t think I’d ever wanna go back home, but being away from my family for an entire 8 months really makes me feel grateful for having the family I have. coming up with my breakfast update in about an hour! seeeeya then!

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