fruit and veggies for dinner!

ImageJust got back from my phi eta sigma meeting! Well, first I ran a mile around campus then headed back to my room, did some laundry, and changed for the meeting. They served fruits, pizza, and vegetables and I did my best in restraining myself from the pizza (i did have three servings of the fruit salad!)

ImageI’m really in the mood for something dense right now, and pizza would be SO good at this time. At the meeting, we just paired up with the current member who holds the position we got elected for (i got elected secretary, so i met with the current secretary) and we just ranted on and on about our lives haha. she told me about my duties but then we just started talking about school and televison and the randomest things. I also met with two more people who have specific eating issues (celiac disease and one who is allergic to nearly everything: nuts, soy, dairy, avacados, fruits, etc. i can’t even remmeber everything she named!) just think of how many questions i wanted to ask her…my mind was going wild!


Now it’s cozy time in my room 🙂 got my sweatshirt on, shorts on, textbooks out. time to relax and unwind!

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