broccoli and benadryl

ImageSo happy I decided to go to the dining hall instead of head to my room right after work….they had broccoli!! šŸ™‚ my favorite! i had a salad topped with two bean chili and a side of broccoli, peppers, muchrooms, and tofu! the tofu I kind of ate around since it was really bland, but aside from that it was a delicious meal. i managed to keep away from the desserts since I know I have some candy (over a pound…) in my drawer hiding from me. ImageI’m just relaxing my belly before I go for a run. I’m planning on going outside today since it’s beautiful. What’s terrible is that my blood ciruclation is awful and I’m always cold, even in this 70 degree weather. I’ve had my northface and jeans on all day! I can’t even show my cute clothes on. My friends and I joke how there’s no point in getting dressed up if all we do is wear winter coats and sweatshirts all year round!Ā 

My co-worker is on a low-iodine diet because she’s been having surgery on her thyroid and i feel awful because all I have been doing is bombarding her with what she can and can’t eat, and how her diet has been going and some of the most randomest questions ever. She has lost 15 pounds though…hmm…maybe I should try it šŸ˜‰

The antihistamine in the benadryl is really causing me to want to sleep, but I’m doing the best I can to fight the fatigue and get some work done! to the gym!


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