chemistry and cauliflower!

ImageFinally finished the lat lab of organic chemistry, thank the lord! I am an early person, and I honestly don’t mind having an 8am class, but if it involves working hands on with someone who may or may not know what to do, then I can get a little flustered and irritated, and then can affect my whole day. Luckily this semester was smooooth sailing. After my lab I headed over and got some pineapple from the HUB, which is the fitness center/food court (no, it’s not the dining hall, it’s the food court. We have about 4 different food locations on campus, pretty crazy).

ImageAt the HUB there is Einsteins Bagels, Chick-Fil-A, Sprouts Salad, Pastabilities, a pizza place, and also a burger place. Although I’ve never had a veggie burger there I feel as though I should give it a try sometime. I got my pineapple and I picked up an apple for later and headed to the bookstore and bought myself a sweatshirt as well! I also stopped to talk to a vendor outside of my building because she was selling name brand makeup for some of the cheapest prices! Might have to go to the ATM and buy some… 🙂

ImageI’m sitting here now and eating my pineapple topped with fiber one crunch cereal and a cherry yogurt. This yogurt brings me back to the days where I would eat trix cherry yogurt all the time, oh how I miss my youth. Last night after my run and mile walk over to Bryan’s, we went to Martins and bought some steamfresh vegetables. We bought the broccoli and cauliflower mix alone with the green beans and potatoes in a garlic sauce mix. I honestly love the broccoli and cauliflower mix, it’s so versatile and it comes out nice and fresh, and only takes 5 minutes in the microwave. The potatoes and green beans comes in too much sauce in my opinion, and the sauce actually tastes more like alfredo than a garlic sauce. I definitely recommend the broccoli and cauliflower one though.

Waiting for my classes to begin, I have no idea what the day holds for me. I do believe it includes a nice run outside. Again, another gorgeous day and I hope it can remain like this for the rest of the semester. Only two weeks left from today! I can’t believe my freshman year flew by so quickly. I really should start studying for some of my classes this weekend…and hopefully a bike ride as well 😉


happy thursday!

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