Lunch and Dinner wrap up!


Have I ever mentioned how I truly HATE allergies? Although they have been pretty calm for me (just starting this week) my throat has never been itchier than it is right now! All I wanna do is stick a toothbrush back there and scrape it until it’s finally relieved. I’m pretty blessed that my eyes having been too itchy yet. My iphone keeps updating my of the high pollen and ragweed of my hometown, poor Erica, she must be dying at our house in new jersey. I took a benadryl and it made me zone out completely in chemistry, but aside from that i’ve been fairly functional.  got some pineapple (of course…hello, it’s me we’re talking about!) around 2’oclock before my last class of the day. I managed to get out early and spend some time peer editing my friends thesis papers.

I went for a run and was really thrilled to see my time for a mile was 7:24. No, i’m not a runner nor have I ever bee.

2013-05-02 16.48.40

I’ve played sports but the running portion never came easdy to me. My lungs aren’t the strongest and my legs are actually fairly weak, and on top of that I would always be the one complaining hahah! My today I was extremely happy to see that I was able to get in under 8 minutes. My new goal is to keep working and get it under 7! maybe ten 6? i shouldn’t push it… 😉

2013-05-02 16.48.33 Bryan and I went to dinner about thirty minutes ago. I wasn’t really hungry but I did manage to suck down an entire plate of bvegetables! I got a plate of greenbeans, carrots, pickles (totally didn’t eat those, yuck!) limabeans, and corn. It’s so beautiful out I think I might actually head out for another run before I go to sleep! I also took a few extra bananas from the dining hall and stuffed them in my bags to make smoothies this weekend 😉 They were getting rather ripe, so i figured why not! Now i’m just resting my belly until I can get the ambition to bike over to Bryan’s. I considered walking but biking is so much faster. But my mind might change within the hour.

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