flowers, food and finals

ImageLook at the beautiful flowers blooming outside of my building? Such a great way to brighten my already dampened day. I woke up with my allergies already starting. I took my benadryl so I should be falling asleep within the next thirty minutes! My throat just would not stop itching, and then suddenly inside of my ears were itching too! Never experiened that before. I had a quiz in my first class, and my second one is cancelled so I decided to eat breakfast at the HUB and get some pineapple before my next class. I also managed to return the sweatshirt I bought yesterday since it was literally a dress on me and got a new girl-fit sweatshirt. I’m hoping today will get better, sadly my day is just getting worse and worse as the minutes go by. ImageI can’t wait until after work when I can just go back to my room and sleep, and possibly study for some exams this week. Why do professors find it necessary to assign a tuesday wednesday and thursday exam? three days in a row? thats not okay! 

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