ImageThe bendaryl didn’t wear me out today, but work surely did. It was so slow today I was able to almost take a nap. As I wasted nearly 5 hours today just sitting and waiting for students to pick up their packeages from the post office, I made a to do list of what I need to do and study for this weekend: Economics, chemistry, and my food lecture class.


i also need to rewrite my thesis paper and hopefully squeeze in some time for fun. After work Bryan and I went to get dinner. I got a plate of peas corn and pearl onions/green beans with a bean salad (the usual of course).

There actually was a lot of vegetables tonight so I was fairly pleased. I finished my meal with a nice piee of low fat white cake 🙂 I went for a run today and I totally canoot believe my results: 5:45 for a mile?! This can’t be true! I guess I had a lot of anger piled up in me and I just needed to get it all out.

The rest of the night is a surprise, who knows whats in store. Maybe some shopping (today was pay day hehe) or just relaxing with Bryan! I’m shooting for a nice bikeride somewhere tomorrow,


and maybe even a picnic? Let’s hope this weather holds onto the 70 degrees and remains like this until the semester is finished.



One thought on “TGIF!

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