sunburn, sweat, and sammies!

ImageRemember how I’ve been saying how I want to go on a bike ride? Well this afternoo Bryan and I finally accomplished it–23 mile bikeride! First, I woke up and went for a quick mile run and showered. Bryan and I biked over to the dining hall. I had my typical salad and Bryan got a delcious waffle with strawberries.

ImageWhen we were fully digested we headed onto the Hoodlebug Trail located right onto campus. The Hoodlebug Trail is about 10.5 miles long and has beautiful parks and picnic areas and scenary all around. The elevation is mainly flat so I didn’t struggle too much with the 80 dollar mountain bike from Walmart I used! We stopped when we got to the end of the trail and had pb&j sandwiches with some granola…yum!




2013-05-04 12.59.59





After we snacked and were rested we packed up and headed back to Bryan’s house. This time, I set up my MapMyRun app on my iphone and measured our distance and speed and tested how accurate the app was against the markers on the trail. We discovered that the app was quite accurate.

The 21 miles of trail plus about two miles to the trail from Bryan’s house and back gives us about 23 miles total of bike riding…which means I deserve some ice cream tonight for dinner 😉




rest stop on the trail 🙂

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