Studying, Suzanne, and Spinach

ImageGood evening 🙂 My last class of the day ended early and I managed to get out and grab some pineapple and head into work early. Work ended up being super slow, so I managed to sneak in some time to study for some upcoming exams. The worst part about work today? My boss told me she forgot to approve of me and Bryan’s hours last week (yes…me and bryan work together at the post office, aren’t we just so cute?). What does that mean? That means next pay week will not be payday week….I have to wait 4 weeks to get my money. The slighty upside? I’ll get 2x the amount of money (2 payweeks together) so I’ll feel as though I’m earning more. Guess I can’t shop till i drop this week!


After work I headed over and grabbed a spinach/romaine salad mix  topped wit htwo bean chili that was served today at the dining hall. I paired it with a side of spinach (just call me pop-eye!). I’ve never had cooked or steamed spinach before, and it was delicious! ImageThe best part of college is definitely the new foods I have been introduced too. It’s going to be sad to end next week, I hope I can keep up with my healthy lifestyle that college has brought to me. About an hour ago i sat in library waiting for Suzanne, a girl from my econmics class, to arrive so we can start studying for our econonmics test. Although I’m perfectly content with my knowledge in the class she asked for a little advice on how to pass the exam so of course I’m more than happy to help. After getting down to work and discussing the material, I really started to like her. At first I was dreading going to study all day–I’m not one to sit down and read material or do problems relating to the work, but sitting and talking and goofing off with her was really nice, something I needed.

After I left the library I headed over to do my usuaul night time mile. And now, here I sit, panting and my head throbbing. Halfway through my run my vision started getting so cloudy that I didnt think I could finish, but I pushed myself and managed to finish strong. Now I’m sitting and waiting for Bryan to get down with class. Smoothie night with him tonight 🙂 🙂

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