snacks over smoothies

last night I just could not wait for a smoothie with how hungry I was! I walked all the way to Bryan’s with a huge backpack carrying ends and odds of items, that way when move out week (next week) begins, I’ll essentially be done! the backpack straps against my shoulders did not feel so great, but I managed to make it in one piece. Bryan spent the night working on his paper while I spent my night eating grapes, strawberries, and carrots along with dozing off to my Benadryl. At this point I’m not sure if it’s a cold or actual allergies, I don’t think it’s okay to wake up every morning with a dry, crackly throat 😦

Im off to work now, and then to conference with my honors professor about my thesis paper. after that I’ll get some lunch, head on over to my chemistry class and then end my day of classes with a food lecture test on nearly 5 chapters 😦 wish me luck!



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