stress, salads, and supper

ImageToday has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me in my opinion. I was having my ultimate high when I was high on energy in chemistry–got some work done in class and I was all pumped to take my online exam that I ran into my room, plugged in my laptop and suddenly boom….the quiz wasn’t available. I contacted a few students and they were having the same dilemma and I just gave up and started working on my thesis. I was hoping maybe she would just cancel the exam all together but nope….an hour later she emails us and tells us it’s finally up. And then I take it and receieve a C, which definitely turns my mood down. Grades and academics really get to me, especially if I’m not used to getting ‘just average’ grades. I’m really hoping I can pull my grade up somehow.

After that small let down (I know, whoopie I got a bad grade, but honestly it hurts and adds a lot of stress to me personlly), I took a breather and attempted a run. The rain started pouring down so I decided to run into the gym and go for a bikeride. The bikeride was not as good as my usual run so yet another let down of the day. I got a side salad and some pineapple for dinner right after my run.

ImageThe worst part of my day? I come back to my room and it’s locked….and I have no keys to open it. To get a rental key it cost 15 dollars. This happened to me on the last day of the winter semester before the holidays and I was NOT going to let it happen going before the spring semester ended. I walked up to the front desk and asked kindly if i HAD to pay to get my room unlocked and she smiled and handed me a room key.

Sometimes, I feel like hope and angels really do exist. The smallest hints of gratitude really brighten up my day. I’m dreading the next two days of exams though 😦 I really hope I can get through this. I’m procrastinating my Econ studying and attempting to pack up clothes and such. Nearly a week left until I’m done! 

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