tuesdays, term papers, and tests!

ImageI honestly could not be in such a better mood right now. Lunch really helped put me in a better mood i think. Waking up with a groggily voice and sore throat definitely set me in the ‘do not talk to me right now’ mood, plus it was drizzling out and my mocassins (the ones I just bought they are a size too big) kept sliding back and fort hadn squeaking all morning. But after work I headed to my room, switched my shoes and grabbed my backpack and headed over to my thesis paper conference, in which I have been dreading all morning. This professor is known to throw a lot of curve balls at you and rip your hard worked paper to shreds. Luckily my appointment was at 11am, one of the earliest ones and she had yet to revise many. She was perky, chatty, and seemed like she was in a  great mood. She complimented many areas on my paper and claimed that structure was all that needed to be dealt wit hand changed. SCORE! 🙂

After my meeting I had about 45 minutes before my class started, Imageso I grabbed some lunch at fosters dining hall. I had romaine topped with some chickpeas and peppers in a curry sauce I believe, plus broccoli and some baked potato slices on the side. I never get lunch at noon, or at fosters so I wasn’t entirely sure wha they would have to offer, but it was beyond delicious. I was so happy they had broccoli that I could not stop eating it! I also managed to sneak an apple in my backpack for a snack later, as well as 2 pb&j sandwiches for bryan. I brought bryan his sandwiches plus an apple for him to work on my way to class. He was very grateful for the sandwiches, but very upset he didn’t get a drink. Oh well I tried 😉

Now I’m sitting in chemistry hoping to find a distraction to this horrible lesson on the basics of amino acids. Although I love to learn about protein, this is just the organic information on it and I’m about to explode of organic chemistry overload. After this class I have a test of pies, pastries, cakes, cookies, sweeteners, yeast and quickbreads…wish me luck! 


Happy tuesday everyone 🙂

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