brainpower, bananas, and big weight loss mistakes

ImageThe rain outside is making my effort to want to move and get some snacks simpyl diminish, so luckily the banana i took the other day from the dining hall ripened up quite nicely, and perfect timing because I’m getting a little snack attack going on. As you can see the banana is way more important than the text book of chemistry notes sitting below it.

I’ve recentally been ¬†talking a lot with my co worker Pam who has been placed on a low iodine diet due to her thyroid problem and her case has just entirely peaked my interest! The diet refrained her from salt and bread and dairy and all he seems to have been eating is frutis and vegetables and her homemade bread, but she has lost over 15 pounds (shes a petite woman and didn’t need to lose it anyways, but jeeze that’s an incredible amount for just a few weeks). Her weight loss reminded me of this link from Women’s Health. My friends along with co-workers are always discussing weight loss tips and techniques, and as someone who truly wants to be involved in that field, it’s funny to hear all of the crazy things they come up with!

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