studying, soups, and salads!

ImageWell hey, good afternoon! sorry for the lack of post today, it’s been a pretty busy day. Last night my allergies kept me up most of the night, plus the storm just wouldn’t let me sleep. I managed to wake up at 7:45 to the weed wacker outside of my window instead of my usual 8:15 alarm. After getting ready, I headed to my econ class to take the last exam ever! Hopefully I passed and can be exempt from the final 😉 I managed to be the first one out….a tad awkward. With time to spare before my next class, I grabbed an apple and started eating it while delivering some food to Bryan at work. I grabbed some pineapple for myself as well for a nice work snack. Bryan was quite thrilled with the two bacon egg and cheese sandwiches I brought him along with a bottle of milk 🙂

ImageAfter my last class of the day, which involved learning about older adult nutrition, I walked on over to work yet again and actually well, worked ha. It was rather slow, so I sat and just chatted it up with the co-workers and student workers. All we talked about was mothers day, prom, and finals of course. Bryan brought me some salad because I was starving for some strange reason, and I decided to incorporate that lettuce into a Cambells Vegetable soup for dinner tonight! So, here I sit at my computer in my room, eating a salad with vegetable soup on top (can you say poor college student meal or what?!) but it managed to taste rather good. I really wanted to add beans, but the POD didn’t offer a can fo beans today, but I managed to survive. I’m really stressing over this chemistry exam tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll get my butt in gear and stop procrastinating!Image

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