chickpeas, chocolates, and chickens!

ImageI was so close of crashing and falling aslee pabout thirty minutes before my chemistry lecture exam (stupid benadryl!) that I decided to take a 5 hour energy just to get me through the hour long exam. Luckily it seemed to have worked and I managed to complete it and have some extra time before my 2oclock class started. The exam was anything but easy, and there weren’t any open ended problems so I’m not entirely sure if that was a good or bad thing. I guess we’ll find out next week if she ever returns the exams….

I was so stressed after that exam so I bought some chocolate (I know, I know, terrible me) but I have yet to eat it. I only spent 2 dollars and it was just chocolate covered almonds, nothing too terrible! I headed to my class and we spent most of the time reviewing. With all the energy building up from the 5 hour energy, I was motivated to go to the gym and run faster than my usual pace. The taste of the 5 hour energy was awful, but it actually did do something for me which was impressive in my opinion. After the gym I continued packing my clothes and got some dinner at the salad place in the Hub. I’m not a huge fan of that place because the line is ususally long and they take forever, but today was good day. ImageThey gave me plenty of mushrooms and lettuce and chickpeas plus they were fairly quick and effificient, I was a happy camper. Now I’m just relaxing and trying to figure out what I have planned for this upcoming week. My mom texted me telling me ho she receieved my mothers day package I sent her (a snickers bar, some caramel bulls eyes, butter finger snackers, a few other chocolate types, and a ceramic chicken for decoration since she loves chickens). Her response honestly made my day. She was so thrilled of the little things that it really made me feel good for doing my best to make her happy. I can’t wait to be home again to see her.

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