eggs, exams, and exercise

ImageGood morning, and as much as I don’t believe that I am saying this, it actually is a good morning! I had a chemistry lab test that I know I failed, I ate too much at breakfast in my opinion, it’s rainy and drizzly out, I’m breaking out due to stress and finals coming up, but you know what? despite those stupid little things, I’m still having an incredibly good morning. I’m currently packing my belongings up and deciding what I’m wearing this week so everything else can be spaced bag up and ready to be sent home!

Image After my chemistry lab final (which was nearly impossible), I went to get breakfast at the dining hall and decided to experiment a little bit….my first omelette ever at the dining hall! It’s funny to think that one week left of school and here I am, getting my first omelette ever. It turned out fairly good, but It wasn’t enough to fill my growling stupid. I paired it with some breakfast potatoes and a bowl of strawberries. 


My omelette was an egg white omelette with tomatoes, peppers, and onions and I was extremely happy that a college campus actually offered egg whites. The line for omelettes is always so long which prevents me from getting them, but I honestly think I’ll be eating them more often 🙂  I snuck a pb&j, bagel, and banana from the dining hall and brought it to bryan at work…he was very pleased with the surprise.

I’m about to start studying for my chemistry LECTURE exam now, and I’m hoping to god I pass so I will be exempt from the final. I can’t wait because tonight NO studying will be happening, it will be my free day I hope and full of relaxing and hitting the gym. 

Happy thursday! 

6 thoughts on “eggs, exams, and exercise

  1. Wow I wish my dining hall last year had an egg white omelette option! That sounds fantastic 🙂 I am in dead week right now so I feel your pain, good luck with finals!! Summer is right around the corner.

    1. The egg white option definitely makes my desire for eggs at the dining hall much higher haha! and thank you for the luck, I’ll be needing all I can get!

  2. Oh gosh breakfast looks so yummy, I could not stand chemistry I passed the Lab part and failed the lecture.. I hope you past science course are even more difficult them math…

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