weather, work, and weeeeekend!


So for breakfast this morning I grabbed my usual pineapple, but then Bryan surprised me at work with some strawberries, how cute 😉 My morning was a tad different than my usual back to back to back classes. my first class, economics, lasted only 20 minutes since he was only distributed grades to determine whether or not we would have to take the final or not. I received an 89 which really makes me annoyed (can’t you just curve it rubinni? please!) so I decided to take the final because if my math is right, I only need an 84 for him to drop my lowest test and get a 90. anything higher will just make my grade higher which of course would be great!


my nutrition class was the same as usual but my last class ended in about 20 minutes as well since it was just presentations. I went to work, which wasn’t too budy but wasn’t too slow and just finihed my ususal 4-4:30 dinner. Tonight’s dinner was cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, and peas/pearl onion mix (I got seconds of the peas and onions 😉 )

It’s starting to rain here now and I have tons of stuff to bring to Bryan’s, so I hope I can make it to one of the bus stops without getting poured on! Monday the weather shows a wintery mix…come on it’s MAY 😦



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