weekend wrap up!

Well it’s sunday, and the last day before finals begin! It’s a bitter sweet moment, I feel like my first year was nothing that I was really expecting. I honestly kind of hope next year is a little better, and I’m planning on making any changes possible to make that happen.

Saturday’s omelette!

Friday was nothing special, just the usual cartoons and relaxation with Bryan. I made sure that no studying would occur on friday, for it would be my free day to relax and destress. Saturday we woke up and headed to fosters. I got my tomato, pepper, and onion omelette (so inlove with these now!) and it hit the spot. We went to Aldi’s after, one of our newest discoveries which supplies great food at great college prices 😉 We got some grapes and pineapple and of course I had to ‘splurge’ on some chocolate covered raisins…but turns out these are chocolate YOGURT covered raisins, hmm sounds interesting. I quickly threw them in the cart haha. I also came across vanilla covered yogurt raisins and figured I’d give it a shot. ImageWe left and went to Michael’s and grabbed some model car glue so Bryan could would on a model car that I bought him for his birthday two months ago. I figured while he did that, I could study for some nutrition classes. As I worked on some notes, I snacked on some pineapple and decided to try the chocolate yogurt raisins, which turned out quite good.

chocolate yogurt covered pretzels? i think yes!
vanilla yogurt covered raisins? DOUBLE YES!
fruit for days!

ImageDinner turned out to be a slice of pizza and a piece of banana bead, which was amazingly moist I wanted to grab seconds! It wasn’t my healthiest day, but I felt that I deserved a little something this week. Instead of going out and enjoying the last weekend before classes like I would have liked to do, Bryan and I stayed in and threw on some Tosh.O and enjoyed some snacks. We went to the POD and decided to use the last of our 14 meals a week (I had three left, Bryan had six….we figure the register wasn’t working when they swiped our meals, but hey I’m not complaining…free meals!!) We learned that 5 pieces of fruit equal one meal, so we decided to gather as much fruit as we could to last us the rest of the week during finals! 


ImageToday Bryan and I woke up quite late, around noon and were starving right away! I grabbed a salad at the dining hall and am now working on this post and attempting to pack whatever is left in my room. Ashley, my roommate, has been on the ball and has everything packed up in boxes. Althoguh I have a week, and it’s difficult for me since I’m packing and sending stuff to Bryan’s apartment rather than packing and waiting for my parents to come get me, I’m just as a loss for what I need to do. Thinking of what I have to do tonight is really putting a damper on my day :/

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