Finals Week: The home stretch: Monday

breakfast potatoes and grapes today!

Well, monday has been a bitter sweet day, and I’ve only been up since eight o clock. I was greeted this morning with a nice snowfall….such a great monday may morning. I quickly got dressed and headed into the study room at 9 am to take my online final and to my success, receieved  a 96! 🙂 literally the happeist moment of my life. It was all about adulthood nutrition, which I honestly don’t find too fascinating (Diabetes, old age, nutrition intervention, etc) but I managed to retain a lot of the information.Image I ended the exam around 10:30, headed to the dining hall for a quick breakfast before going into work at 11, and planned to work until four to get some hours before the semester ended. As I walked in though my boss said that for the rest of the week there will be no student workers allowed 😦 How am I going to occupy my afternoons without a job now?! After Bryan’s 2:45 exam I’m planning on going over and seeing him and studying for tomorrow’s food lecture exam. I started studying for that last night and there are literally over 600 powerpoints to breeze through….can’t wait for this to be over with.

Can’t wait to see what’s for dinner!

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