Mushroom Monday!

ImageRealizing how I won’t be using 2 meals on saturday all of the dining facilities will be closed and all of teh students will be home, that means 2 free meals to use up this week! I got some dinner, included of a nice salad from the salad bar located in the hub. I got mushrooms with grilled vegetable seasoning, chickpeas, banana peppers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. It was semi filling but I still feel a little hole in my stomach. After Bryan’s final I went with him back to the hub and he got a philly cheese steak with curly fries…of course i stole a few 😉 

I’m pretty much prepared for this exam tomorrow, I just need to relax a bit. After this exam tomorrow I just have economics which should be a breeze and then I’m free to say I completed my first year of college! With so much free time I feel like I should be doing so much more exercise, but I’m having a little motivation problem :/ hopefully I get a run in tonight!

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