Dessert for a well earned day!

ImageI’d just love to inform the world that I managed to pass chemistry with an 82! Thank god it’s not a C, and thank god my professor decided to email us two days before the final exam letting us know if we are exempt or not… (i know who i will not be taking a chemistry course from anymore, sorry jana!)

I went to the gym after studying for tomorrow’s econ exam and grabbed some strawberries and carrots just incase I got hungry later. Although I’ve used 2 meals every day this week (6 meals total) I still manage to have 12 of the 14 meals allowed a week….unbelievable? yes. am i complaining? with the amount of money my parents put into college,no…no i am not. I will gladly take free meals, thank you very much. I am now snacking on a few chocolate covered almonds before I head into the shower and rewind. For some reason, unlike the rest of the week, I just couldn’t seem to eat too much today. I guess whatever calorie deficient today can go towards the ice cream Bryan and I have planned to consume tomorrow in celebration of the end of the semester 🙂

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