Dessert Well Deserved!

ImageMy mom sent me some of the cutest messages on facebook today, asking what she needed to buy me food-wise when I come home this weekend since she knew I’ve been eating well and have become more involved with nutrirtion and my major. Having her bring up food for when I’m home reminds me of how I won’t have a dining hall anymore here to prepare me meals whenever I want one. Next year with a smaller meal plan (75 meals a semester versus 14 meals a week), I’ll be doing more of my own cooking, which is a bit bitter sweet. I feel like I’m always at a loss of time in the morning for breakfast, especially with 8am classes or 9 am classes (who wants to wake up an hour early just to have breakfast? not me!) I stumbled across the Women’s Health Magazine article on unbeatable breakfast recipes that are quick and no brainer, even my sister who isn’t the brightest bulb in the box could do! I was never really a breakfast person, but this past month I learned how eating breakfast has really curbed my cravings throughout the rest of the day, so give it a shot!

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