The Homestretch Day 2: Tuesday

ImageLast night after Bryan and I got his dinner of a philly cheesesteak and fries, I laid down on my bed and zonked out. It was only five thirty-ish but all the food in my belly and free time I wasn’t used too just ran to my brain and I felt sleep was the best decision possible. I awoke around 7 and debated going to the gym or not….my guilt worked and I threw on my hot pink asics and headed over to the treadmills.Image After the gym and reorganizing our entire room, Bryan came to pick me up (along with three bags of clothes, some shoes, spacebags, a desk lamp and other random paraphanalia) and we headed to his house for the night. I decided to cut the pineapple we bought over the weekend and pair it with some grapes for a nice midnight snack. We cleaned and vaccuumed his room to make it more habitable for me (I’m a clean freak, and a dirty floor and clothes all of the place is NOT okay with me!) and fell asleep watching some south park.

ImageI awoke this morning to the unusual 9:00am alarm. Usually its 7:30 or even 6:30 on days I have lab or work, but today since my final started at 11, I got to sleep in finally! I got dressed and took the bu over to campus and sat down with my friend Paige and we took our Food Lecture online exam together. We both aced it, 93! Sadly though my grade remains at an 89 unless Diane wants to be a doll and boost that 89 to a 90 😉 Come on Diane, we are on a first name basis! You know you wanna give me an A in the class 😉 After my exam I was starving and walked over to Fosters (barely fiifty degrees out, such a sad morning) and grabbed some roasted potatoes, spinach, and a pepper/lettuce mix. ImageI’m honestly not sure what was in that pepper and lettuce mix, but I figured why not give it a shot (probably won’t be trying it ever again just for reference!) After getting seconds on those delicious potatoes I headed back to my room for a nice nap. Bryan informed me on how he passed his psych exam and only has two more today, so proud of my guy 🙂 Tonight I hope to hit the gym, actually study for some economics, pass that with an A or B+ and be able to relax and feel relieved that I successfully  completed my freshman year at college.

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