Home Stretch: Finals are OVER!

ImageJust finished my last final ,Economics, and thank god that’s done with! I wasn’t feeling well at all while taking the exam so I think I rushed it a bit, but hey it’s done with and now all I have to do is watch a presentation at 10:15 and it’ll all be over….until this upcoming monday when my online classes start! always forgetting about those.

On account of the fact that I have 12 meals left this week and have to use them by friday, I’ll be going around all day trying to stock up on pineapple and yogurts and what not so those meals don’t get put to waste! I grabbed 2 meals worth of pineapple today (leaving me with 10 left..oh jeeze) and had one of them for breakfast. I’m hoping to be hungry around noon-1 pm because I’d love to go to the dining hall and get some lunch.

It’s a rainy day here in Indiana, and it’s putting my mood for ice cream with bryan tonight down, but I’ve been craving sweets all week, and I think we both deserve a little treat 😉 Happy wednesday everyone!

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