The Longest Day of My Life



Well thankfully, today is coming to an end. I apolgozie for the lack of posts but this one should fill in my entire day. Waking up at 9am, i grabbed a shower and Bryan and I headed to my dorm to clean out, vaccuum, and get my room checked out by the CA to make sure everything was clean and nothing was broken. ImageI said goodbye to my roommate ashley, wished her luck on her study abroad trip to turkey, and we parted ways. Bryan and I got some lunch at fosters, my lunch included minestrone soup, corn, and a slice of banana bread on the side. We took a trip down to Yellowcreek Park and decided to hike some of the trails on this beautiful, 75 degree weather day. We came upon some interesting findings, such as a treehouse and random stopping points that informed us about different types of birds. We learned that bald eagles make tests that can weigh up to 1 ton! That’s insane! We took a stop at the lake where many people were boat riding and fishing and laid down and relaxed. Too bad we didn’t bring a blankey, or we would have stayed much longer.









When we headed back to his house, his roommate Phil and his girlfriend Emily were unpacking all of Emily’s belongings, so we decided to help and clean up the rest of the apartment. I spent most of the afternoon vaccuuming and washing dishes and space bagging tons of clothes! I did manage to grape a snack of grapes and pineapple, trying to eat them all before my parents pick me up sunday and I can’t just put them to waste! I’ve accumlated so much strawberries and fruit I have no idea what to do with them, way too many for me to consume within the next three days. ImageAs of now I’m listening to bryan play guitar while eating a nice vegetable wrap, filled with onions tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach, and sadly iceberg lettuce (they did not have romaine to choose from, so I was a tad disappointed). The weather tomorrow seems nice, so hopefully I’ll head for a nice run at some point. We’re picking up Bryan’s cousin Anthony from college tomorrow and he’ll be staying with us for the night, and Saturday my family is having a picnic  and I can’t wait to reunite with all of them and see them. Photos to come, happy thursday!

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