Celebrating the last day in Indiana

my plate 🙂
bryan’s delicious meal

Well today was a great way to end my tjme in indiana before I head back to jersey with my family for the summer. Bryan and I woke up and got dressed and such and headed over to my cousins house for a nice picnic with the family on my mom’s side. They had tons of food there this afternoon–pulled pork, macaroni salad, fruit salad, chef salad, pierogies, etc. I piled on the fruit on my plate with two pierogies. I grabbed seconds on the fruit of course 😉 Bryan made himself a pulled pork sandwich, something I, a vegetarian, was clearly not interested in. We stayed there most of the afternoon and just reunited with my parents, whom I haven’t seen since winter break which was about 5 months ago. I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I’ve actually seen them. I honestly can’t wait to be home tomorrow back in my town and just sleep, relax, and recover before coming back to indiana for school in august.


After the picnic Bryan and I went back to his house and did some more house cleaning. We played a little hockey outside and decided to invite my parents over for dinner. Bryan grilled up some hamburgers and I cooked up some corn, broccoli, mashed potatoes and some peas! My parents were pretty impressed with us, I guess they don’t realize how self sufficient I can actually be! It’s scary to think that in less than 4 weeks I’ll be nineteen, in less than 3 months I’ll be living on my own 6 hours away from my family, and then in 2 years I’ll be living on my own while they are living their lives in texas! where has the time gone?




ImageAfter my parents left Bryan and I rested our bellies before celebrating our 20 month anniversary with some ice cream! I got a SF/FF vanilla frozen yogurt with sprinkles. I asked for it in a cone but the girl decided she would just put it in a cup. I told her to just put a cone on top instead of making me a new one haha. Now as i type this post, Phil emily and Bryan are watching the sharks hockey game. I love nights like these, I hope there are more to come. Happy saturday, enjoy the rest of your night!

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