Home, sweet home, NJ

ImageGlad to say we successfully (but not easily) made it home to New Jersey. After my sad goodbye to Bryan this morning, My parents and Erica picked me up around 9am and we set off for the 5 hour drive. The first obstacle: Fog. After my trip last month in April back home to visit our families with Bryan, I feel as though I’ve developed such a strong anxiety when it comes to long carrides, or at least carrides that consist of a lot of mileage on highways. That trip in April was during one of the heaviest storms I’ve ever been in, the kind where the windshield wipers don’t wipe fast enough, where everyone has their hazards blinking and the car infront of you is nearly invisible. It was the kind of rain in which you hydroplane nearly three times in an hour and the car beside you splashes you with water that makes you nearly drive off the road. God, I’m shivering just reminiscing on that scary night. I made Bryan pull over just to get my mind straight.

Anyways as I was saying…the fog. It was about 9am when we started, and the fog was just beginning. It was only about 20 minutes of the trip and luckily there were very few cars on the road, but looking out the front windshield and not being able to see a single thing, barely two feet infront of you really irks me and made my anxiety quite high. It didn’t really help when rain starting spitting from the sky, because that’s what sent me back to the memories of April’s trip. And of course, to top of the beautiful sundae of a trip, those big 18 wheelers decide to forget how to drive and nearly drive us off the road four times. I’ll be honest and say I’m not the best driver, but if you are going to drive for a living in an 18 wheeler….please be a good driver.

After all the anxiety building obstacles, we made it back to my sweet little home in New Jersey. I was starving when I got home, and I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I walked in the door. I grabbed a dannon light and fit yogurt and paired it with a cup of blueberries. I also snacked on a few Wheat Thins Vegetable Selects (unpictured…sorry!) Now I have the rest of the day to relax and pet my beautiful cats whom I’ve missed so much 🙂

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