Morning run, complete. Breakfast, complete.

my beautiful omelette

What do I honestly miss about summertime and being home? The fact that I can just wake up and go for a run without having to deal with morning classes or such. I woke up this morning, pretty late actually (10:30am) and made myself another egg sammie, but this time i added peppers and onions…and toasted the bread ha! genius! After I digested and got the energy, I did my usual 1 mile run. It was extremely humid and I honestly felt like i wouldn’t be able to complete the full mile, but I stuck it out and managed to do so 🙂 I tried hula hooping this morning and it was the worst sensation ever! Just from the ten minutes from yesterday I have such pains in my hips and a nice bruise or two developing on my sides. I think maybe every other day is a good idea haha.



ImageI’m so excited to get back to my job at Rita’s today. The atmosphere, the people, and my co-workers literally make the nights probably the best nights I have all summer. Getting called off because of the weather conditions or because it’s just extremely slow is the worst thing though (along with having such a big sweet tooth and wanted to eat all the ice cream!) let’s hope the weather stays put for tonight!

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