warmth, weather, and worries.

ImageAfter waking up at a whopping 11am and doing my hula hoop exercise (ten minutes of the weighted hula hoop today wasn’t too terrible!) I headed downstairs and made exactly what I made yesterday, but I decided to make them open face sammies! They were so much easier to eat this way, the lettuce didn’t fall out as much haha. After I digested, I decided to lay outside on my porch and absorb some of the 83 degree weather that the sun was giving off. Bryan’s family invited me to Wildwood this summer, so hopefully I can get some color and not look so pale before the time comes!

I have an assignment in sociology due tomorrow online at noon, but my book had yet to arrive. I’ve been stressed all day and literally have been searching the entire internet for an ebook or some sort of downloadable version…I even looked at the local library website in desperation! My mom and I took a trip to the college bookstore (out of stock, of course) and even to barnes and nobles (out of stock….again), I was literally on the verge of throwing myself at the wall when 3pm rolled around and the mail dropped of my book 🙂 close call!

ImageNow that everything is done, I can sit back and relax the rest of the night. I’m shooting for a night time run when the weather cools off, and hopefully the rain holds off as well. Trying to brainstorm some good dinner ideas tonight as well. I’m thinking Pinterest might be the website where I’ll be browsing through all night long. I’ve gotten some great DIY and food recipes from that website, could not be more impressed with it.

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