dinner and dessert!

ImageI knew this would happened, I got called off of work today 😦 So instead of heading into work and being tempted by the delicious and delectable treats at Rita’s, I made a fruit salad and indulged in that! blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple! I went with my mom to 5 Below and looked for a new phone charger since mine was broken, and also went to the Christmas Tree Shop and looked around to see if they had any interesting home-good products for my apartment! Sadly they didn’t, but I have all summer to look for some! I spent most of my afternoon working on some homework and just enjoying the fact that I’m home and finally have ‘me’ time again!

ImageDinner tonight was a baked potato and broccoli, followed by some strawberries and blueberries with fat-free cool whip as a dessert! I should probably limit my fruit, it’ll all be gone by tomorrow! I went for my nighttime run, although I was super unmotivated to do, and I actually feel really good that I did it. ImageBeing home is a little bitter sweet. Although I do enjoy my free time, I do kind of miss the busy-ness of classes and work and seeing my friends. I was excited to receive a phone call from Operation Shoebox NJ’s coordinator, Rod seeing if I was home for the summer and wanted to help out around the office. Over winter break I would package boxes filled with candy, food, shampoo, soap, girl scout boxes, and random things that a soldier would want to receive and tape them up, sending them overseas to troops all over. I’m excited to get back to that and see what needs to be done there!


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