Eggs and french toast Wednesday!

ImageI decided to try some french toast with my breakfast, but I did want to keep it rather healthy. I had my usual egg whites with peppers, onions, and this time I added tomatoes to the eggs! On the side I had two slices of light bread dipped it in my egg white wash with cinnamon and vanilla and made french toast. I was all out of syrup so I was slightly disappointed, but it was still good enough to eat.I have to head to the store and get some! Today is rather hot, so by the time I woke up it was way too humid to go for my run. I did my hula hooping today and am planning on running after I come back from work tonight, hopefully it’ll cool off by then. I picked up a few more shifts this week at Rita’s so, as weird as this sounds, I’m actually extremely excited! Tomorrow I have to head to get my eyes examined and take my first timed essay for my English online class 😦 so nervous, so idea what to expect!


ImageBryan’s coming home this friday 🙂 Although my work schedule is pretty hectic, and I’m scheduled for 5 days next week, I’ll definitely squeeze him in for the remainder of the time. I miss my little hockey player!

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