eye exams and english essays

ImageMy day flew by this afternoon! I actually woke up, fairly early today (9 am, look at me!) and showered, got dressed and grabbed a yogurt and some blueberries for breakfast. My favorite yogurt is the light and fit strawberry yogurt. Although it doesn’t seem to fill me up with the 5 grams of protein it contains, I always pair it with some fruit to add some fiber. I went to the eye doctor afterwards which didn’t take too long, and then dreaded the car ride back because I knew I had to take my timed exam at some point this afternoon. I made my Morningstar veggie burger salad with tomatoes and onions around 2pm and began my exam! It wasn’t actually as hard as I anticipated, but I still feel as though I won’t do as well. ImageThe essay was taking a piece of literature that we read and explaining how the word choice strengthens the theme in the piece of literature…..boring if you ask me! I wish I was better at deciphering literature, I feel like it’s an important concept to know in a person’s life.



ImageAfter the long 80 minutes of writing complete nonsense in my mind, I felt at peace with myself. I looked at the clock and noticed it was nearly 4:30 already, I felt like my day was completely wasted. I made a 5’oclock dinner of just a big ole bowl of fruit with some fat free cool whip on top. My mom was nice and bought me another pineapple, thanks mom 🙂 I’ve been realy upset with the weather lately, all it’s been doing is raining and entirely wiping out my whole “lay out all the time” idea I had. I really hope the weather looks up soon 

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