call offs, cooking, and non-california weather

waffles for dinner!
blueberry muffins!

I’m beyond frustrated now. As weird as this may sound, i love my job. But getting called off, yet again, really frustrates me. I feel awful because I think I take my anger out on fellow people. I know I don’t, but I just need 10 minutes to myself to regain my composure after my boss tells me not to come in. I did enjoy the two hour early notice this morning compared to last nights no notice at all, but still. I’m trying to make money, pay for rent, maybe get a few new shirts for next year, but that’s clearly not happening with a seasonal job as this. I also think it’s unfair how I put aside time and rearrange my plans for work, when in the end I get called off and put in that effort for no reason. Yes, I bet you could tell, I got called off my double shift today. I went from a total of 22 hours of possible working to 3 this week….and that is not okay.


Now that I ranted, I can calm down and start my usual blog posts 🙂 phew, sorry about that. Today has been an off morning and my view and optimism and usual perky attitude is going down the drain. Last night after getting called off twice, I was just about to throw my phone at the wall when my friend Katie invited me over to have ‘breakfast for dinner’ with her. I quickly accepted, although I honestly just wanted to be away from people. I knew doing something would get my mind off my frustration. I got over to her house and my high school friends were there making waffles and muffins and hasbrowns and all of this breakfast food. We sat and relaxed and all caught up with one another about our first years of college. It was so nice to laugh again and enjoy people’s company. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in so long.


But on today’s note, I woke up and hopped right into the shower and got dressed for work, I had about 2 hours to spare before I had to go to work, but turns out I didn’t need to get ready so quickly. Again, my mom noticing my annoyance, took me to the mall and got my glasses fixed and bought me a new swim suit and shorts. She knows I’m getting a little stressed about paying rent next year, so she’s insisting to buy me clothes and such so I can save my money for the apartment. All I need now is this weather to cheer up so I can get my tan on! 😉

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