Splatter painting and spinach dip sundays!

ImageToday was probably one of the best days this week. Last night I stayed over Bryan’s house, who I have missed so so much! His father, 8 year old brother Matthew, him and I stayed up until about midnight watching Ridiculousness together. I woke up this morning from several missed calls and texts from my co-worker asking for me to cover on this beautiful day….seriously? The only day I couldn’t work (and on a day that I wouldn’t have gotten called off) I had to decline. Although extremely annoyed because money is really important to me right now, saving it for my apartment that is, I got over it and went to walmart with Bryan to get some acrylic paint for the canvas he bought to paint for our new apartment! We spent the beautiful afternoon outside splatter painting three canvases. I can’t wait to hang them up in our apartment 🙂

happy bryan and his spinach dip!

Bryan and I decided to go to Fridays for an early dinner since we have a 50 dollar giftcard. We ordered the spinach artichoke dip as an appetizer (half price apps during Happy hour!). Also, Bryan got a full set of ribs and fries, and I got the seasonal vegetables with a side of fries (I ate half of them and set the rest in a box, which Bryan and I gladly enjoyed later on in the evening). We left and headed back to the house to finish the borders of our paintings and sit down for the Kings Vs. Sharks game (Bryan is a huge Kings fan…I, on the other hand, love to sleep on the sofa when the game is on). For Bryan’s sake, lets hope the Kings win tonight….the game’s still on so we’ll see!





ImageTomorrow is Memorial Day, and I have the 12-4 shift at work, which should be great. Our Rita’s is right in the middle of Mainstreet, where the Tour de Somerville is taking place! Hopefully racking in some gooood tips 😉 After that, if I can make it out alive, Bryan’s dad is hosting a nice BBQ. Can’t wait to upload some pictures from that! 

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