tropical fruit tuesday

ImageWe ended up roasting marshmallows and relaxing in the hot tub after a great memorial day BBQ! Bryan and I fell asleep quite early, and woke up around 9am to some surprise and uninvited rain showers. I left his house around noon to finish up my paper that was due this evening. Of course, the rain showers decided to call me off work 😦 I whipped up a nice fruit salad and have been chewing on that all day long! 

ImageI decided to relax and do my nails this evening and go into the basement and gather some old kitchen supplies that my mom is letting me have for my apartment this summer. I came across some old clothes that still fit and can’t believe I put away to storage, might have to wear those this week. The weather is supposed to be low 90’s, but we’ll see how long that forecast last. Today it’s been 60 all day 😦

ImageThis tuesday was just a dreary do-nothing day, but right now Bryan is over watching the Kings game with me. We’re hanging out with my car patches now, she says hello to everyone! 🙂 Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be visiting Bryan’s grandmother and doing some apartment shopping!

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