wednesday and thursday: let the summer begin!


Yesterday was such a beautiful day, it was a shame I wasn’t working! Bryan and I woke up and I prepared breakfast: my usual omelette for myself on light toast with lettuce and tomatoes, and a pepper onion and cheese omelette with white toast for bryan. The omelette didn’t turn out too well as an omelette…so I turned them into scrambled eggs for him! ImageWe visited his grandmother right after breakfast and stayed there most of the afternoon just watching some television and talking about school and our apartment. She gave us these beautifully designed throw pillows for our sofa! They’re pink, red and purple, so now I need to think of a new color scheme for our living room! We said our goodbyes and visited Target, TJ Maxx and Old Navy in search of some household items. We ended up buying some bathroom mats, salt and pepper shakers and mixing bowls (I know, I wish we could have found more things!) We stopped at Gertrude Hawks on the way home and picked up a late (but thoughtful) mother’s day gift for bryan’s mom. I also made sure Bryan knew which candy I wanted for my birthday..which happens to be in 16 days 😉


ImageThis morning I woke up and laid out to catch some sun and attempt to darken my skin a little (I’m irish, we do not tan we burn. I think you can assume how dark I will ever get in my life with that knowledge). I made my usual breakfast and hopped into the shower. This afternoon I’m volunteering with my great friend Rod who directs Operation Shoebox NJ, the association that boxes and sends over packages to the troops overseas. I spent most of my winter break volunteering here and just bagging up candy and taping boxes to get them ready to mail out to the troops, and I’m assuming i’ll be doing those same actions again. After that I’ll be heading over to work, let’s hope it’ busy today!


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