Waking up on Wednesdays

ImageAfter working a week straight at my job in the cafe at my local grocery store in Indiana, I’d say I deserved to sleep in until noon today. I woke up, prepared my Designer Whey protein shake paired with an orange, and got my day started with a nice shower and some winter cleaning around the house. Nothing better than spending your day off doing house work right?! Now I’m just being lazy and sipping a cup of coffee and treating myself to a small gingerbread cookie. I bought a bag on sale for only a dollar, since all of the holiday candy and cookies are on sale! Never bad to treat yourself every once in a while, everything in moderation correct?


My smoothie is made with V8 Strawberry Banana juice, water, ice, frozen mixed berries, and 1 scoop of Vanilla Designer Whey protein powder. It’s hard for me as a vegetarian to get all the protein i need, especially running from one job to class to the next job, which is why I love making smoothies in the morning with some protein powder.


Image This weather we are having in Pennsylvania is making it difficult for anyone to go outside and enjoy a nice walk or run. We’ve had winter advisories to stay in due to the wind chill and temperature (negative -31 degree run anyone?). Luckily my indoor bike has been coming in handy on days like today! It’s a struggle to get out from under this electric blanket right now with my coffee though…

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