Wednesdays dinner, great end to my day

imagemy day off wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I did manage to clean the house and rearrange the living room along with taking down that pesky Christmas tree! finally I have more room for some activitieas, maybe some Wii Zumba this week! I snacked on some pretzels and apple with peanut butter, and had a bowl of minestrone soup for dinner.


I did manage to sneak in a few more of those gingerbread cookies. luckily it was a tiny bag so they shall be done with by tomorrow. can’t wait to wake up for my 7:30-1:30 shift. Morning shifts are the best; they get you out of bed and you always have time in the end to still have free time for whatever it is you’d like. Bryan and I both had off today, so we decided to relax and watch the movie Paranormon. I must say: that is definitely not a childrens movie! I’ll be having nightmares all week haha. Off to bed, hopefully finding some inspirational things to blog about!

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