great start to this rainy day


ImageImageWoke up this morning in such s great mood, although its been monsooning all day! Last night I went for a nice two mile run and bought a new dance game for the Xbox. Bryan and I played all last night, followed by his new Skate3 video game of course. I woke up around 6am and began my day with a nice and quick protein shake. I used almond breeze milk, first time ever and it really taste good! Its lacking in protein but the amount of vitamin E is a plus. I headed off to work for my 7:30-1:30 shift. With all the college students gone away for break its very slow in the café/beer section of the supermarket. After my shift I created this delicious sandwich and salad mix, with the panini machine that Bryan got me for Christmas 🙂 I made a hummus and vegetable panini with a spinach and bean salad on the side. Bryan had a meat filled panini, and you can tell he loves it!


With the rest of my day to myself while Bryan is at work, I figured I would go for a nice bike ride and treat myself to some good movies and relaxation. The spring semester begins in about one week and I need to soak up all the free time I can get!














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