mondays: hell or heaven?

ImageMany people are much of a Monday (or morning) person, but I beg to differ. Although the calendar technically begins on Sunday, I like to think of Monday as a fresh start to my week, kind of like a New Years of the week. Any bad choices or decisions made last week are wiped away with this new slate. Today I woke up at 5:30 and got ready and prepared for work which began at 7:00am. Bryan has been sick for the past two days, so every time I wake up I plug the television in the bedroom in for him and pile up the remotes, medicine, snacks, water, and medicine right next to the bed so he can wake up and stay in bed all day (aren’t I just the best?!)

I made myself a cup of kasha cereal and mixed in about 1/4 cup of honey bunches of oats for some sweetness. I added my almond breeze light almond milk and half a banana on top. I’m experimenting with new breakfasts foods for mornings where I’m not entirely up for cooking a full course breakfast but will last me until my lunch break on 8 hour work shift days. This kasha cereal has 13 grams of protein and very little sugar, one of the most ideal breakfasts.



ImageI managed to make it through the morning and took my lunch at 12, which consisted of an apple, the other half of the morning breakfast banana, and dannon lite and fit greek yogurt. I must say, this is one of the best yogurts I have ever had. For a light yogurt, I found it so creamy and flavorful (strawberry cheesecake was the one I chose). With 12 grams of protein, you really can’t go wrong! The work day continued to drag on but finally I got home and had a snack of pretzels and peanut butter before I made some dinner; a delicious Panini with cheese, spinach, peppers, onions, and salsa paired with a side salad with kidney beans. I made Bryan a grilled cheese for his dinner. The Panini machine is definitely one of the best investments in our house, thanks bryan for the best Christmas gift 🙂


ImageMy final snack after I accomplished a nice bike ride on my stationary bike was four of these delicious cookies that were on sale for a dollar from the holidays! I could not pass up this steal. I have such a sweet tooth, but just a few of these take it away. I really wished I could have paired it with some coffee, but coffee at 8pm would not be a good idea for my sleep! I’d be wound up all night if that happened.

Another day of work tomorrow morning, and then I get to relax with a day off on Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your night!




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