Never let the mood your in control your eating

ImageSomedays it’s just not your day; you win some or lose some. I woke up, not entirely in the best mood ever and got myself ready for whatever my work day would hold. I made myself some breakfast of kasha cereal/honey bunches of oats with almond milk and half a banana, the same as yesterday’s. I prepared myself for the rainy day and made it to work, only to see that the night person didn’t do their shift well! I came into a messy café with the lights still on, nothing restocked, dirty and nothing put away. That really put my mood down. Luckily it’s been so slow that I had plenty of time to straighten everything out and still attend to my customers. I’m usually one of the loudest and bubbliest workers in the store, but two of my co workers noticed I wasn’t my usual annoying (hehe!) self. One of the said the storm must be coming! haha.


On my break I again had half a banana, an apple, and a Light and Fit strawberry greek yogurt for lunch, this time adding in some orange slices I still had from my house. On my lunch break one of my coworkers commented on how well I sound while making the announcements over the intercom, and how I’m such a natural. Maybe I should consider switching my major from Nutrition to Journalism/Public Speaking? hmmm…


  ImageI came home and had an early dinner of minestrone soup and my usual side bean and spinach salad, followed by four of those delicious cookies I’ve been raving about for dessert. Tomorrow I finally have a day off, and couldn’t be more excited to relax and de-stress and have absolutely no responsibilities! I’m happy to say that although my mood wasn’t my usual bubble standards, I didn’t let food comfort me and take advantage of my body today. Food doesn’t solve problems; you may think it soothes them and comforts you, but are you going to feel that way the next morning when you’re regretting everything you ate? Some of my favorite ways to de-stress:


taking a nice, hot shower

taking the time to paint my nails and make them look nice and maintained

play a mindless game and lose myself in it (candy crush? the sims?)

Go onto Pinterest and pin clothes, beauty, crafts, and health motivation

Clean my house- cleaning my house makes me feel calm and at peace, plus who doesn’t benefit from a nice and clean house?

Go for a nice run, walk, jog, bike ride, anything that helps clear the mind

Or my favorite, take a nice and relaxing nap!

What are your favorite ways to de-stress?



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